Refund Info | Internazionali BNL d'Italia
Rome, Foro Italico, May 2-21, 2023

A request for refund of the price of tickets (without presale fees) purchased for the "Internazionali BNL d'Italia" and scheduled for the evening session on Saturday 13 May can be:

Purchase made with "Print at Home" mode on the website

Credit Card Payment:
the respective amount will be refunded, within the banking circuits' time limits, with no further action required.

Bank Transfer Payment:

  • Please access the website from May 23 to June 4, 2023;
  • Enter into your reserved area by "Login" button and using the credentials used when purchasing the ticket;
  • Once you enter the reserved area, click on the "Home" button;
  • Click on the "Request Form" button;
    A page will be displayed where you will need to enter all the required info (visible only if account contains tickets for which you can request a refund);
  • Click on the "Submit Request" button;
    At the end of the procedure, a page will be displayed confirming that the refund request has been sent (no confirmation email will be sent).

In case of any anomaly in the data provided, the ticket office reserves the right to cancel the request and request a new submission (the cancellation will be notified by e-mail).

Purchase made on Ticket Office at the Foro Italico:

  • Refunds may be requested personally from May 23 to June 4, 2023 at the "Biglietteria Centrale" in Rome, Viale delle Olimpiadi n. 61, 00135 with the ticket (original and unbroken) and a valid ID document. The "Central Ticket Office" will be open to the public Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m;
  • Those unable to go to the "Biglietteria Centrale" may submit a request for the reimbursement by sending, no later than 4 June 2023, to the "Biglietteria Centrale Internazionali BNL Italia" in Rome, Viale delle Olimpiadi no. 61, 00135 a letter containing the following data and documents:
  1. Specify either private individual or company;
  2. Name and surname or business name of the company;
  3. Residence address (city, province, town, street and house number);
  4. Tax code and/or VAT number;
  5. Phone number (optional);
  6. E-mail address;
  7. IBAN code (and SWIFT code for a foreign bank account);
  8. Original ticket (undamaged);
  9. Copy of a valid ID.

Without the previous mentioned, only tickets issued with the following fares can be refunded:

  • Intero FIT
  • Intero FIT Prev
  • Intero FITP B
  • Intero FITP B Prev
  • Intero FITP C
  • Intero FITP C Prev
  • Intero FITP D
  • Intero FITP D Prev
  • Ridotto Tesserati FIT
  • Ridotto Tesserati FIT Prev
  • Ridotto Tesserati FITP B
  • Ridotto Tesserati FITP B Prev
  • Ridotto Tesserati FITP C
  • Ridotto Tesserati FITP C Prev
  • Ridotto Tesserati FITP D
  • Ridotto Tesserati FITP D Prev
  • Ridotto Div. Abili A
  • Ridotto Accompagnatore A
  • Ridotto Scuole S
  • Ridotto BNL