Voucher instructions | Internazionali BNL d'Italia
Rome, Foro Italico, 2-21 mai 2023
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How to activate your Super Voucher

To be able to use your Super Voucher you need to register on the website and once you have completed the registration and logged in, please return to this page to associate the Super Voucher code to your account by clicking hereThe system will automatically copy the user to the other sites for which the Super Voucher can be used.

Once associated to a user's profile, the Super Voucher is no longer transferable to others, not even on the sites of other events.


How to use your Super Voucher

Once you have associated the voucher to your user, choose the tickets to purchase and select the Super Voucher at the time of payment (you can select more than one Super Voucher).

The Super Voucher will be usable for only one purchase process and on one event, once the operation is completed the code will be cancelled (any remaining credits will be lost).

If the amount of the order exceeds the available balance on the Super Voucher, the difference should be paid exclusively by Credit Card (it is not possible to pay it by bank transfer) or by a Gift Card.

To pay an order, you'll be able to use more than one Gift Card in association with the Super Voucher: any residual balance will remain available on the last Gift Card used (this credit balance cannot be split between multiple cards).

It is not possible to use a Super Voucher or part of a Super Voucher balance to purchase a Gift Card.

On the internazionaliditalia.org page you will find all the conditions for the use of your Super Voucher.